10 Bizarre Real-Life Monsters

While some animals exhibit unbearable furry cuteness, others only bring pure destruction. The animal kingdom contains an untold number of bizarre and unique creatures; some of them can be more alien and weirder than anything you can imagine:

10. Lolong

Lolong, caught in Bunawan, Philippines, is officially recognized as the largest crocodile in captivity. It could be responsible for the disappearance of a farmer, a 12-years old girl and numerous water buffaloes. Measured at 6.17 meters (20 feet 3 inches), the saltwater crocodile beats Cassius currently kept in Queensland, Australia. Lolong is now the centerpiece of a local ecotourism park, the Bunawan Ecopark and Wildlife Reservation Center and it has earned the town more than half million pesos in entrance fees, parking fees and various donations.

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