10 Ten Funniest Fat Comedians

4. John Belushi

Belushi’s career took a turn when he became a member of a new TV show in 1975, which would develop into one of the most important TV comedy show, The Saturday Night Live. In the film industry, he debuted in the Road to the South as Bluto. The film was a huge success, earning more than $140 million with a budget of only $3 million.

In 1980, he used his SNL character, Jake Blues, in the Blues Brother, which he co-starred with a Canadian actor, Dan Akroyd. Belushi died in the age of 33 after a night of drug binge. Today, John Belushi is a legend among stand-up comedians and comedy film actors alike, for his ability to play crazy slapstick or a funny straight man. Ho got his Hollywood Walk of Fame star posthumously in April 2004.