10 Writers Who Died Too Soon

3. Alain Fournier

Alain Fournier was a French writer who wrote Le Grand Meaulnes. He grew up in Sologne, France, where his parents worked as teachers. Fournier had secondary education in Sceaux but failed to enter the Ecole Normale Supérieure because it was reserved only to French’s elites. While walking along the quays of Seine, Fournier met the love of his love, Yvonne Quiévrecourt who served as his inspiration for the Yvonne de Galais character in his novel.
Fournier was drafted into the French army when the war broke and went missing in one of early battles of the war. In 1991, his remain was found in a mass grave inside Germany border and interred to the Saint-Remy military cemetery in Calonne. He was 27.

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