10 Bizarre Real-Life Monsters

While some animals exhibit unbearable furry cuteness, others only bring pure destruction. The animal kingdom contains an untold number of bizarre and unique creatures; some of them can be more alien and weirder than anything you can imagine: 10. Lolong Lolong, caught in Bunawan, Philippines, is officially recognized as the largest crocodile in captivity. It could be responsible for the disappearance of a fa ...

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Top 10 Bizarre Space Phenomenon

Space is a boundless, three-dimensional expanse in which objects reside and events take place. Many experts consider space as a separate entity while others define it simply as a conceptual framework. Regardless of what space is, it is an amazing place where many bizarre phenomenons occur: 10. Hypernova Hypernova is an extreme form of supernova and it occurs when a very massive star collapses. This kind of ...

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