5 Most Iconic Posters In Music History

Music is not just about the sound. Add an image and the vibe to it and you will get a best-selling artist. From the classic rock bands like Metallica and KISS, to modern artists like Green Day and U2, they all have their own unique music style and look. Artist’s image has a significant impact on her popularity. Even if you’re not a fan of certain bands, you may still appreciate their cover art. Music fans a ...

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Top 5 Most Trendy Places To Live In NYC

New York City may be the most famous city on Earth. People flock to NYC from all over the globe. Many come to attend shows and see the sights, since it is the American capital for live entertainment. Yet, many come wanting to live in NYC long term. Most of those want to find a cool, hip, interesting area where they can enjoy the best of the world-renowned New York lifestyle. Trendy Places Fortunately, there ...

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5 Remarkable People With Disabilities

It may be unknown to most people, but some of the most recognized and celebrated political leaders and musicians have suffered from disabilities including mental illnesses such as depression and bipolar disease. Here are just a few examples famous people who suffered from disabilities and the achievements they were still able to make during their lifetime. Winston Churchill Winston Churchill is considered o ...

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Top 10 Exciting Theatre Plays of All Times

Plays represent an interesting aid to equip those people interested in theatre activities as and an entertainment to many people. However, there are some basic and the best plays that one should watch for further developments. These include the most exciting stage productions of all time. The best productions have been highly rated most of which ranked top 10 are exciting theatre plays of all times. Some of ...

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10 Must Do Things In Italy

Everyone has a different list of things to do when you visit a place. However, when you search the net for ideas, it simply means that you are open to suggestions. There are, on the other hand, a few points which need to be cleared. Whether you are going to do these 10 things in a single visit or multiple ones solely depends on the duration of your visit. In case, you are in a hurry to leave Italy, you shou ...

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The 5 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2012

Throughout history there have been a number of extremely disappointing movies, but it seems that 2012 has had more than its fair share of cinematic failures. This is probably because movie producers today are so fascinated with the modern technology and special effects that they forget what is truly important. PROMETHEUS Have you seen the Prometheus trailer? We have, and it was so seemingly amazing, that we ...

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