6 Foods That Will Destroy Your Teeth

I am sure you know that candy and chocolates are not exactly good for your teeth. Have you ever wondered what kinds of food are harmful for your enamel and gums? Sugary foods and acids are damaging for your teeth. Table sugar, also known as sucrose, encourages the growth of oral bacteria in your mouth. Oral bacteria produce acid that destroys your enamel and teeth. Sucrose can stick to your teeth thus makin ...

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Top 5 Famous Educational Institutes Over The World

Education is the key to success. This saying has been used for decades and many people have proved it true. Therefore, numerous countries have established institutions that provide the best education in different fields. Do you want to be the best scientist, engineer, musician, manager, or an economist? Below are the best and famous educational institutes all over the world: The University of California The ...

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6 Awesome Health Benefits Of Eating Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese was made hundred years ago in France. The process of cottage cheese preparation is quite easy and everyone can do it at home. You can use sour milk and keep it under the room temperature until healthy bacteria from the milk become proteins or casein coagulate. Nowadays many people don’t use raw milk. We use the pasteurized milk instead but anyway you can use this milk to make this superfood. ...

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