3 Anti-DUI Apps For Smartphones

It’s not exactly a secret that there are many mobile apps around, and many of them are geared for personal safety. There are apps to measure blood pressure, choose a healthcare provider, there are even apps to help a person stay alive should they find themselves adrift at sea. But there are also mobile applications that can help to protect someone from that most familiar of antagonists – themselves. Yes, dr ...

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Top 10 Tips For Survival At Sea

Nobody likes thinking about the worst possible scenario, but if you’re in a jam, you’ll be happy that you’ve prepared for trouble. Here are ten tips to help you survive when you’re stuck at sea. 1. Prepare Before Leaving Never go out on a boat without equipment you can rely on. That includes a marine radio transceiver, a flare gun, night flares and a signal mirror. Cell phones shouldn’t be relied on. Don’t ...

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