5 Amazing Yoga Retreats In The Caribbean

A gentle beach breeze, the calming rhythm of the waves easing in and out onto the powder soft sands of the coastline and a brilliant sun shining down warm rays - there are few areas more heavenly and serene than the islands in the Caribbean. For this reason, they are perfect for pursuing that perfect state of nirvana in the midst of a relaxing yoga meditation. Stretch out and find peace at one of the best y ...

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Top 5 Diesel Cars Under Rs 7 Lakh Budget

With increasing fuel prices, today's buyer is giving fuel efficiency more importance. If you are that type of car owner for whom fuel-efficiency is principal, then this list is going to help you. Below is a list of the top 5 diesel cars in India under the Rs. 7 lakh budget. The list comprises of hatchbacks which has to do with the cars’ light weights and smaller engines. When Chevrolet introduced their Beat ...

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