The Road Less Traveled, Top 10 Best Places To Hike

Backpacking along less traveled paths can be very dangerous! There are a few tips to keep in mind, that are common place for anyone choosing to embark on a trip of longer magnitudes. • Dehydration kills, pack at least 1.5 liters per person, per day for the length of the trip. You never know when you will have a chance to refill your bottles. • Pack for all weather types. Crucial for those starting in a warm ...

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Top 10 Most Romantic Places On Earth

Traveling with someone you are new to, or if you have been together for a while, can be tricky. Not every moment will be the most romantic moment of your life. However, there will be many laughs, tears of happiness, and squeals of joy. All these destinations will be sure to delight your partner. Go on a tour of the world, or just one of these spectacular destinations. Here are the top 10 that made our list. ...

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Top 10 Places To Learn a Skill

While this may seem a little bizarre, you can turn any vacation into an education experience. Learn can be fun, and to do cooking in a classic Pairs kitchen, yeah it is so worth it. Check with your hotels to see if they offer any of these activities, chances are they do, or know a place where you can go. We have this list set up a little different, we have it listed by skill, and then where you can do it be ...

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Top 10 Tours You Need To Take

No matter where you go in the world, there are always tours you should take. Here are our top 10 of tours to take while you are on vacation. Note, some tours require extensive requirements, or booking much in advance. Plan accordingly! 10. Jurassic Park, Honolulu, Hawaii As you are driving around the most memorable movie set in the world, you will start to get jumpy! The dinosaurs used to roam this land, wh ...

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Top 10 Travel Friendly Cities

Having a warm reception when you go to a new city is always something people will worry about. We have a list here of the top ten travel friendly cities in the world. These cities were gleaned off of flight records to see where the most popular sites are. There are plenty more, but of the most traveled, friendly cities, these are the top. 10. Gatlinburg, Tennessee Great for kids is the first thing I have to ...

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Top 10 Of The Most Gorgeous Villages In The World

There are times where it is tempting to jump in a car, on a train, or even a plane to go to a place you want to visit. There are places in the world that are prime for visiting and make a list for a must see in your lifetime! While there are many more stunning places in the world, these villages made our list for various reasons, and all of them are beautiful in their own ways. It is important to travel dur ...

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