Weird Athlete & Celeb Friendships

In today’s social media and celebrity-obsessed culture we have seen sports stars become equals to their Hollywood’s counterparts. Yes, we have the likes of David Beckham become as famous and Oscar-winning actor Leonardo Di Caprio. This has led to the most famous of athletes been given opportunities to socialize and mingle with the most high profile of stars. This has resulted in some bizarre and pretty surp ...

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New Product Success

Designing and launching a new product is an important time in any business’ life. It might be a physical product that needs to be engineered, prototyped and then mass produced, or it might be a financial or software solution. A product is, broadly speaking, anything you’d ask a customer or client to pay money for, so you can think outside the box when you’re devising one. Today we’re taking a look at the wh ...

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