5 Remarkable People With Disabilities

It may be unknown to most people, but some of the most recognized and celebrated political leaders and musicians have suffered from disabilities including mental illnesses such as depression and bipolar disease. Here are just a few examples famous people who suffered from disabilities and the achievements they were still able to make during their lifetime.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is considered one of the most important political leaders of Great Britain having served in war with the British Army and as Prime Minister twice including during World War II (1940-1945 and 1951-1955). At a fairly young age, he became depressed and spoke of having a “black dog” or dark thoughts that would often enter his mind. Many people believed that he suffered from a bipolar disorder as well because of his mood swings. However, many believe that it was because of his depression that he was able to face WWII as Prime Minister with the willingness to not back down and continue in fight.

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