Top 10 Most Famous People Who Died Young

Many professionals and celebrities started off their career from young age. Backed up by their fresh minds, great looks and good health; young people have better opportunity to gain fame and success. Unfortunately, many people died at young age and these are ten well-known people who died far too early: 10. The Notorious B.I.G Christopher George Latore Wallace or Biggie Smalls or Big Poppa or Frank or best ...

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Top 10 Most Famous Pirates of the Caribbean Sea

During Spanish rule of the Central America and the Caribbean, many pirates successfully stole valuable goods and gold from merchant and cargo ships. The Caribbean Sea was also dotted by many small unoccupied islands, offering many ideal safe havens for pirates who sought refuge. During the Golden Age of Piracy, many ships traveled alone without protection, forcing authorities to set up convoy system. These ...

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Top 10 Most Captivating Actors

10. Humphrey Bogart Humphrey DeForest Bogart is an actor from New York. He was nicknamed “Bogey” and remains today as one of the most compelling (and near-mythical) actors in the film industry. His film, Casablanca is widely cited as one of the best and influential movies of all time. The American Film Institute called him the Greatest Actor of All Time. ...

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Top 10 Home-Run Hitters in BaseBall

10. Mark McGwire (583 homeruns) Mark David McGwire played in St. Louis Cardinals and Oakland Athletics. He averaged one homerun for every 10.61 bats, the best bats-per-homerun ratio of all time, beating Babe Ruth with 11.76. His successful career was tainted by allegations of doping and he ended it with 583 homeruns. McGwire is now the coach of St. Louis Cardinals. ...

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Top 10 Best Comedy Actors of Hollywood

Hollywood has given us some of the best talents, that can be seen nowhere else. Comedy is loved by everyone, and the people who make it happen are loved much more. So, here is our list of Top Ten Comedians that Hollywood has produced. 10. Chris Rock Christopher Julius Rock is a film director, producer, writer, comedian and actor. The Comedy Central called him the fifth greatest stand-up comedian in the US. ...

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