Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals

We have always been fascinated by clever animals, especially those that can do the things we do, like using tools or solving complex problems. Here's a list of some of the smartest species out there. 10. Rat For years rats have been used in scientific experiments. They can find their way through mazes, solve problems to get to food and an experiment in 2006 would suggest that they understand cause and effec ...

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Top 10 Actors Who Played Most Memorable Anti-Hero Characters

Being qualified as an anti hero in movie, the character must be a protagonist. Although their acts can be considered as unlawful, these characters are still considered as honorable in some level. These are ten actors who played memorable anti-hero characters in movies: 10. Brandon Lee (Eric Draven in Crow) Eric Draven is a rock musician who is resurrected by a magical crow and hunts his murderers. Draven wa ...

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