10 Great Films From 10 Countries

The movies can take us away to some wonderful places. And although Hollywood is by far the most popular and most successful, we shouldn’t forget there’s also a great array of film industries outside of America. Each offer their own unique stamp on cinema and across the globe here are 10 unforgettable examples from 10 different countries: 10. Solaris – Russia (1972) A beautiful meshing of science-fiction and ...

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Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the World

There has always been a conflict on the existence of ghosts and spirits. Those who have seen them vouch for their existence while those who do not believe in such existence of the paranormal beings shun it away as a made-up story only to attract people. Nevertheless, whether ghosts exist or not, is a personal notion but here are the top ten places in the world that are said to be the most haunted. 10. Edinb ...

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Top 10 Famous Deaths Caused By Animals

Animals are usually defensive of their survival and territory. They attack only if disturbed or threatened. Despite our cognitive advantage, animals can still likely to kill careless or unknowing individuals. These are ten famous deaths caused by animals: 10. Alexander I of Greece King Alexander is known as a careless pet owner who died after being bitten by his monkey. He tried to protect his pet from an a ...

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Top 10 Most Famous Pirates of the Caribbean Sea

During Spanish rule of the Central America and the Caribbean, many pirates successfully stole valuable goods and gold from merchant and cargo ships. The Caribbean Sea was also dotted by many small unoccupied islands, offering many ideal safe havens for pirates who sought refuge. During the Golden Age of Piracy, many ships traveled alone without protection, forcing authorities to set up convoy system. These ...

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Top 10 Most Cruelest Rulers Of All Time

Many rulers seemed to exhibit indifference to the suffering of others and some may have positive pleasure in inflicting it. Bad rulers regularly practice violence under the disguise of social or legal framework. These are ten cruelest rulers in history, who have significant impacts in history and may directly or indirectly affect the world we live today: 10. Oliver Cromwell Oliver Cromwell was a 17th centur ...

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Top 10 Most Vicious Serial Killers of 20th Century

Its really sad to learn that these kind of people live in our society. Whats more intriguing is the fact that we cant be sure that more of these kinds do not exist or will never exist. I hope our societies are free of people who harm thy neighbors. 10. Dean Corll (27 victims) Dean Arnold Corll with two younger accomplices, Elmer Wayne Henley and David Brook committed numerous murders of at least 27 boys in ...

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