Top 10 Facts About The Earth

The Earth is the only planet which has life on it. It revolves the round on its orbit experiencing four main seasons. The Earth also rotates on its axis and we experience a 28 day cycle which is caused by the Moon’s rotation around the Earth. There are many small things involved during these cycles. Here are the top ten facts about the Earth and its orbital movement: 10. The Deepest Lake The Earth surface i ...

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Top 10 Amazing Natural Wonders

Nature has bestowed to the Earth the most prolific thing, life. Life on earth exists by way of humans, the flora and fauna and the various species of animals and creatures both on land and in the seas and oceans. Each of these has its own place on the earth and its own importance. Other than the living creatures, there are different landforms and places that simply mesmerize. Here are the top 10 amazing nat ...

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