The 5 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2012

Throughout history there have been a number of extremely disappointing movies, but it seems that 2012 has had more than its fair share of cinematic failures. This is probably because movie producers today are so fascinated with the modern technology and special effects that they forget what is truly important. PROMETHEUS Have you seen the Prometheus trailer? We have, and it was so seemingly amazing, that we ...

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10 Greatest Science Fiction Writers of All Time

Science fiction is so popular because it offers people so much enjoyment. They may read Journey to the Center of the Earth or novel adaptations of Star Wars; and insist that they are not reading sci-fi. These are ten great sci-fi writers who significantly influenced in the literary world: 10. Stanislaw Lem Stanislaw is a Polish sci-fi writer who published his first book in 1951, The Astronauts (Astronauci) ...

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