Top 10 Worst Leaders in Military History

10. Marcus Licinius Crassus Marcus Licinius Crassus was an influential Roman general and politician in 2nd century BC and the son of Publius Lunius Crassus Muciano. While he was enriching himself in Syria, Parthians saw him as a dangerous individual and immediately prepared for war. While weak in infantry, Parthians could count on excellent cavalry formations with their hit-and-run tactics. Like any Roman a ...

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Top 10 Fastest Men on the Planet

Being a Fastest or atleast being one of the fastest men is no simple feat to achieve. It takes lot more than hardwork, i suppose. Here we present a list, congratulating the top ten fastest men in the world. Enjoy! 10. Carl Lewis (9.86 seconds) Frederick Carlton Lewis was a US athlete, who specialized in 100 m sprint and long jump. He won 9 Olympic gold medals and 8 Worlds Athletic Championship gold medals d ...

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