10 Ten Funniest Fat Comedians

Being a comedian isn’t easy and making people laugh is always a serious business. Many times, they don’t know whether the audience will actually laugh at the jokes and lines poked. Then again, there are many oversized entertainers that gain popularity and good name in this industry. Luckily, being fat often have an advantage of its own; people are more likely to laugh at a fat guy, than at a thin, good-look ...

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Top 10 Best Comedy Actors of Hollywood

Hollywood has given us some of the best talents, that can be seen nowhere else. Comedy is loved by everyone, and the people who make it happen are loved much more. So, here is our list of Top Ten Comedians that Hollywood has produced. 10. Chris Rock Christopher Julius Rock is a film director, producer, writer, comedian and actor. The Comedy Central called him the fifth greatest stand-up comedian in the US. ...

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