Top 10 Amazing Natural Wonders

Nature has bestowed to the Earth the most prolific thing, life. Life on earth exists by way of humans, the flora and fauna and the various species of animals and creatures both on land and in the seas and oceans. Each of these has its own place on the earth and its own importance. Other than the living creatures, there are different landforms and places that simply mesmerize. Here are the top 10 amazing nat ...

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Top 10 Weird Unexplained Mysteries

Here are some unexplained mysteries that are difficult to get your head around. 10. Stonehenge This circle of stones in Salisbury, England is more than 5000 years old. No one really knows how it was possible to move stones of that size and weight into those positions back when there were no machines to assist. Huge stones were moved from Wales in a time before the wheel and it's still baffling as to how the ...

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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

The perfect honeymoon for some might be relaxing on white sandy beaches but for others it might be the opportunity to explore a wonderful new country. 10. The Northern Lights, Norway If you are having a winter wedding then jetting off to Norway for a winter wonderland getaway is a great idea. If you visit at the right time in the year then there's the chance that you might experience the phenomenal natural ...

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Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals

We have always been fascinated by clever animals, especially those that can do the things we do, like using tools or solving complex problems. Here's a list of some of the smartest species out there. 10. Rat For years rats have been used in scientific experiments. They can find their way through mazes, solve problems to get to food and an experiment in 2006 would suggest that they understand cause and effec ...

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches Around the World

The world is filled with beauty and the beaches are just some of the good things which can prove that. With so many choices it is hard to think about where to spend your next vacation. But with the right information and guides, you will have a better perspective on which beaches would be perfect for your budget, need, and preference. In this list of top ten, we will be going through some of the world’s best ...

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