Top 10 Places an Art Lover Must Visit

We have the pleasure of living in a world where it's difficult to get away from art. It's on our computers, TV screens and in books but the best way to view art is by seeing it first hand. There are so many wonderful places an art lover can visit. Here's our list of the top 10. 10. Gertrude Gallery in Melbourne, Australia Housing an interesting collection of contemporary art, the Gertrude Gallery was opened ...

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Top 10 Annoying Workplace Habits

A person so often is recognized and known by his habits both good and bad. However, some individuals are obsessed with some habits that come under the category of annoying and irritating, especially if they are carried out in the workplace. Here are the top ten annoying office habits: 10. Drumming While all habits can be tolerated to an extent, the one workplace habit of some individuals that is too annoyin ...

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Top 10 Energy Boosting Foods

Fatigue is sometimes tolerable but oftentimes not. No one ever wants to experience fatigue for a long period. The feeling of fatigue also triggers different emotions. It can give you depression and stress, and as a result, it can ruin your lifestyle. There are times when you feel that you need to take certain medicines already because you cannot take it any longer. However, medicines are not always the best ...

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