Top 10 Energy Boosting Foods

1. Fruits

It is undoubtedly true that fruits are sources of energy. They carry great amount of fructose and vitamin C that guarantees energy. Bananas are the most common energy-giving fruit because it contains potassium, which maintains normal blood pressure. Other essential fruits are watermelons and pineapples that refresh your body and help aid digestion, and berries, which are good to combat brain fatigue.

These foods assure you that you will get the right amount of energy you need for the day. Right amount means not too less, not too much. Lack of energy results to fatigue and exhaustion and it affects your concentration, movement, and work. Excessive energy, on the other hand, may leave you overjoyed and may cause overweight. These ten energy-boosting foods may be too expensive to afford. However, remember that it is all right to lose your money but not your health. After all, losing your health will cause you to lose more money.

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