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Top 10 Festive Drinks from Around The World

If you want a change from the usual Christmas drinks this Christmas, check out this list of the top 10 Christmas drinks from around the world compiled by My Voucher Codes. They have researched festive drinks from all around the world looking at where these drinks came from and how to make them and what traditions are attached to them.

If you fancy making them yourself, check out the infographic below, it has all the ingredients you need for each drink and how to make them.

1. UK

The traditional festive drink of the UK is wassail. You will find most recipes now are made with beer or cider and apples, lemon slices and spices still served warm. It’s like a sort of mulled beer, tasty!

2. America

In the US of course their traditional festive drink is egg nog. It is made with eggs, sugar, milk and cream, spices and spiked with any or all of the following: bourbon dark rum and cognac.

3. Germany

Mulled wine was developed in Germany, Glühwein as it is called is made up of red wine, sugar, oranges and lemons and spices. You can also add a shot of liquor to give it a kick!

4. Chile

The traditional Chilean drink served around Christmas, is called Cola De Mono (Tail of the Monkey).A milk based cocktail spiked with vodka and coffee with sugar, vanilla and spices, served cold.

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5. Mexico

In Mexico they enjoy PoncheNavideño at Christmas, it is made up of simmered fruit and spices and served hot. Alcohol, generally rum, can be added to taste.

6. Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico their traditional Christmas drink is Coquito made from evaporated milk, coconut milk, condensed milk and spices, spiked with rum.Served with grated nutmeg or cinnamon.

7. Italy

The traditional Italian festive drink drunk in winter is Bombardino. It is made from advocaat or eggnog, brandy or rum, freshly brewed coffee and cream and served hot, to warm you up.

8. Scandinavia

The Scandi mulled wine is Glögg, made from red wine spiced with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom pods, cloves and Seville orange peel, with sugar. Also add stronger spirits such as vodka, or brandy.

9. Jamaica

Sorrel Punch is made from dried sorrel calyxes, also known as Jamaican hibiscus, water and sugar, ginger, cloves and orange slices, as well as amber rum and served cold over ice.

10. Ukraine

Uzvar is a traditional non-alcoholic drink. It is a Kompot and made from dried fruit such as apples and pears, cherries, plums and raisins, stewed in water until soft and left to chill.

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