Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Dreaming of traveling the world or visiting some of the most famous cities in the world? Then this list of the top ten most beautiful cities in the world can help you plan your dream vacation. It is little bit hard to come up with this list because beauty is very subjective. Nevertheless, this list was created based on surveys, number of tourists, and the overall aesthetic design of the cities.

10. Budapest

Budapest brings you back to the period of renaissance with its baroque and gothic monuments. Danube River runs through the city which makes the city more alluring. One of the greatest landmarks of Budapest is its awe-inspiring Parliament Building that is designed by renowned architects. While you are visiting this city, take a walk through its most romantic pathways and the Chain Bridge.


  1. Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World and 9 of them are from Europe and 3 of them are from Italy?? Come ooon!

    1. 3 from Italy is really less. Its got many more very beautiful ones, that werent covered here. We will be soon having one article on Italy in the UNESCO series. We will also write another one on beautiful cities, in which i will try to minimize the European Influence!


  2. Veerrrryyy limited list here, can only guess you haven’t gotten around much?
    …and Paris is a slum filled dirt fest…

  3. The world is not Europe.. Ok i agree with you on Rio de Janerio.. Where’s Istanbul ? Istanbul connects 2 continents. It was held as the capital city of Roman Empire,Byzantium Empire and Ottoman Empire. Instead of Bruges, at least you should have added Buenos Aires, NY or Sdyney or Bangkok or Tokyo ?

  4. You’ve chosen some beautiful cities but it’s almost impossible to choose a top10.
    European and Asian cities have the depth of history the US and Australia lack and that adds to the beauty for some, but you have got an imbalance here.

  5. Why I agree with those cities, I think Charleston, SC could make a strong argument.

  6. I agree though that this article should probably be renamed “Top 9 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe” as it is not very inclusive.

  7. Clearly have never been to Canada, and while I would be considered a biased observer, I’ve traveled and as far as I’ve seen, Vancouver is pretty close to if not the top echelon of beautiful cities. Beaches, gorgeous skyline, ski mountains, all within a stone’s throw of eachother.

  8. Great post but I think that the author of this post could do with a few trips outside of Europe. 90% of this list falls inside of one continent and is missing places like Vancouver, Cape Town, and Kuala Lumpur. European cities are beautiful but there are so many stunning places in other continents.
    Nick – Goats On The Road recently posted..Moving To Yangzhou, ChinaMy Profile

  9. Yes ,
    That is right venice is most beautiful & romantic city in the world.
    it has lot’s of history also musium / opera / theater / gondola / nice food ….etc etc .
    where you look every where you find difants fallings .
    however to right no body can’t explain about of venice . PLZ should you have time
    lates make a small tour . i hope than you like & come back more and more.
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  10. really amaze to know asia does not contain a single city to be include in this list , now tell who is hypocrite……….

  11. I found here worthy and interesting information about top 10 destinations of the world which are most beautiful for tourism. My favorite tourism destination is Rome because of its gorgeous locations and natural scenery. I would like to say thank you so much for the great and informative post.

  12. I think people have overlooked one of the most beautiful places on gods green earth. Founded back in the days of the Roman empire, Bath is beautiful on every level.

  13. Is Brugge considered to be in the middle of Europe? I am not being mean I just don’t know! Because I thought since Belgium is so far north it wouldn’t be.

  14. this list is completely off. Vancouver, Canada has been repeatedly the most beautiful city in the world. Way more beautiful than any in this list.

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