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Top 10 Most Bizarre Legal Cases

The courts of all countries are already over burdened with thousands of lawsuits that are filed regularly. Some of these are under the personal injury category while others may be under criminal acts, legal acts or medical negligence. However, some lawsuits are so bizarre or frivolous that awarding them a category is simply not possible. Here are the top ten most bizarre legal cases.

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10. Watch the Horses

This is a case which was filed by Turnage against the Christy Brothers Circus. The plaintiff was seated in the front row while attending the circus. Everything was going well until a horse, which was performing on the stage backed a little and in this position, evacuated his bowels in the lap of the lady. As this had occurred in full public view of others who laughed at her, it caused immense embarrassment, mental suffering and pain to the plaintiff.

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