Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals in the World

It is undeniable that the world is full of danger which is made even worse by the animals and different creatures that roam around this planet. It is only then that we realize that it is necessary for us to find out which animals are the most dangerous. The metric of danger is not measured by their size, though this can also be a determining factor. Some of the animals listed here may seem harmless but as innocent as they may appear, death and danger lures within their inner self. You might be surprised or even amused as we start our countdown of the world’s most dangerous animals.

10. Cape Buffalo

Native to Africa, cape buffalos are called “black death” and are known to be one of the most dangerous animals on the land. They kill many people each year because of their aggressiveness. When confronted, they will attack with their bodies which weigh around 1.5 tons and their sharp horns.

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Comments (9)

  • Twan

    You’re an idiot if you think you can justify great white sharks being the second most dangerous animal on earth. About six people every year die from shark attacks. More people die just walking down the street while drunk in any given month. Seriously, it’s idiots like you who perpetuate these asinine fears that make animals like great whites become extinct.

  • Shawn

    The most retarded list I’ve ever seen in my life. How can you have a fly that kills hundreds of thousands eight but you have sharks second? 30 people die from shark attacks a year. Hippopotami are deadlier than sharks.

    • Mark

      Because an animal doesn’t kill the largest amount of humans, does not mean it’s not more dangerous than one that kills more.

      So if sharks kill 30 people a year, would I be more dangerous than all sharks put together if I killed 31 in a year? Would I be more dangerous than all sharks put together if I killed none at all?
      The shark is feared for the very reason that it is dangerous. We humans cannot move very fast in water, and are not able to properly protect ourselves. The great white shark can smell your blood from miles away, it swims so much faster than us, and it has 3 rows of large teeth that will tear your body apart.

      Also, another thing is that not all Tsetse flies transit sleeping sickness, and there’s a cure for it. As it is now, there’s no cure for a dead body with it’s body torn in half and empty of blood.

      I would agree that the list is not perfect though, neither order or species. I would certainly have included the box jellyfish, simply for it’s potent venom and it’s transparent blue color blending into the ocean.

      There is not one definite list of most dangerous animals, it all depends on your criteria.

  • featherknife

    The most dangerous animal on planet earth, without a doubt, is homo sapiens.Not only do we kill each other, we are responsible for mass killings, and even complete extinction of many other species. The idea that you would include the great white in this list because it is “feared” is laughable. Man kills thousands of great whites for every one that actually kills a human.

  • juan

    What about human beens?

  • Robin

    Great White the second most dangerous animal in the world is the biggest bullshit I ever heard.

  • Zach

    Haha, Juan, are you serious? Ahh hahaha.

  • Niels Vandamme

    It’s kind of hard to measure this. Do you measure what animals are the most dangerous by the average close encounter, the average attack, or the whole species? If the first, they’d all be apex predators. If the second, they’d all be small venomous marine animals. If the third, they would all be disease-carrying insects.
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  • nikon D7100

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