Top 10 Most Endangered Animals in the World

9. Green-Cheeked Parrot

Because of its beautiful colors and intelligence capabilities, the green-cheeked parrot is being sold across the United States and Mexico. The great demand for these birds has made its population rapidly decrease.

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Comments (15)

  • Andrew

    Too bad this isn’t true.

    The Javan Rhino is far more endangered than any of these animals, and I can think of a dozen others as well.

    Just wiki it.

  • Sarah

    Yep, too bad this isn’t true. The so-called “green-cheeked parrot” is actually a green-cheeked conure and is kept as a pet. They’re not endangered AT ALL. I have one. They’re even sold in pet stores. Get your facts straight before writing such a BS article.

  • NS

    You seriously have your facts wrong on many of these. And you truly need to edit your work. Most Green Cheeked Conures (not parrot, conures), and bred in captivity. There are about a dozen other examples of parrots that are much MUCH more threatened than them. These animals may be threatened or endangered, but they are not the top 10. Not by far.

  • Josh @ Green Global Travel

    Very informative post! This definitely shows the severity of these animals being endangered and how people must take action to stop it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Car Accident Attorney

    This is horrible. I don’t understand why people do this…

  • Patrick

    What about the Amur Leopard? Less than 30 left in the wild and dropping.

    • Raja

      I see it now, not sure what are the latest census for this gorgeous animal though. Thanks for the headsup!

  • Logan

    Extinction is a part of natural progression. Animals have been going extinct for eons.

    • Kelsey

      We are currently experiencing a mass extinction. However, unlike previous mass extinctions the rate and numbers of species going extinct is much higher and in a much shorter time period. The predicted average extinction rate of mammals is 1 species per 200 years. ” Yet the past 400 years have seen 89 mammalian extinctions, almost 45 times the predicted rate”. (

      –The more you know…

  • Morgan

    You even forgot that the Amur leopard is one of the most endangered species in the world. There are less then 30 left in the wild. Dig a little more deep into this before writing an article as such.

  • Dennis

    The polar bear is not in any way shape manner or form endangered. The population is doing just fine. The original story of the bear floating on a small chunk of ice that got this myth started was proved to be a hoax and the writer himself acknowledge it as well.

    Want to get any animal off the endangered list? Start eating it.

  • Avalyon

    you really messed up I bet u don’t what half the endangered animals are, here it is:
    1. Golden tabby tiger
    2. Amur Leopard
    3. Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
    4. Javan Rhino
    5. Royal White tiger
    6. Bengal tiger
    7. Golden Seal
    8. Greater Bamboo Lemur
    9. Northern Right Whale
    10. Chinese Giant Salamander

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