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Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the World

There has always been a conflict on the existence of ghosts and spirits. Those who have seen them vouch for their existence while those who do not believe in such existence of the paranormal beings shun it away as a made-up story only to attract people. Nevertheless, whether ghosts exist or not, is a personal notion but here are the top ten places in the world that are said to be the most haunted.

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10. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

The magnificent Edinburgh Castle atop a rocky hill is an amazing place to visit given the view that the castle portrays. However, one has to be vigilant when visiting the castle as it is said to be haunted with the existence of the dead. Reports have indicated people have seen and heard voices from the prison cells of the castle and area where victims of plague were quarantined and entombed. Ghosts of prisoners, dogs and a headless drummer have been seen reportedly.

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