Top 10 Most Nutritious Fruits

1. Avocado

Finally, we are now in our number one slot. The avocado fruit is considered by the Guinness World of Record as the most nutritious fruit and for good reasons. The strength of avocado lies in its high content of monounsaturated fats that helps in lowering bad cholesterol. Avocado is perfect for infants because of its soft and sweet texture.

Now that you know the best gift of Mother Nature for us, humans, you can have more reasons to eat fruits rather than empty foods. Remember that what you eat now will have an effect on your body, now and in the future. So stick with this list and you are on your way to a better and healthier you.

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Comments (8)

  • Dani

    Glad to see Kiwis included as they tend to be quite under-rated. They are great for giving energy and a marvellous fruit to pop into children’s lunch-boxes. The top can be removed before packing, then the child can just scoop out the fruit with a teaspoon, as if they are eating a boiled egg.

  • Plotte4gus

    About choleserol: have a look at

    The Oiling of America

  • jeff

    I dont know about the merits of this list, as it does not include Acai berries or Goji.

  • Nimah

    Yum, grapefruit is my favorite!

  • Mike

    Like Jeff said, any list of healthy fruits that doesn’t include goji berries, acai berries, or blueberries isn’t much of a list. I think most ten-year-olds could tell you the merits of blueberries at this point.

  • Jennifer Diurlin

    I love Watermelon! 🙂

  • Steven Martin

    Thanks for giving this type of information.Every one should maintain this food.There is something really special about the understanding of nutrition education as this leads to proper health care. In case of sportsman the sports nutrition part is a must know as their profession is related to health.

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