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Top 10 Places To Learn a Skill

While this may seem a little bizarre, you can turn any vacation into an education experience. Learn can be fun, and to do cooking in a classic Pairs kitchen, yeah it is so worth it. Check with your hotels to see if they offer any of these activities, chances are they do, or know a place where you can go. We have this list set up a little different, we have it listed by skill, and then where you can do it better.

10. Glassblowing, Italy

Italy is known for many things, glass blowing being among them. These classes are hard to find at times, however if you ask around you should be able to find someone willing to teach you. Going inside some of these workshops is like a step back in time, they are minimalist, everything pushed to the side expect for what is needed. Also know that in these little shops, it gets HOT. Girls, pull your hair back, you do not want to get it stuck either in the molten glass, or anywhere close to the smelter.

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