Top 10 Real Events That Inspired Scary Movies

Some people can sit through a scary movie enjoying the eeriness, fear and shock while some are simply too scared to even mention the name of a scary movie. Horror movies have a fan following of their own. While many of the horror movies have been made up there are even more that are inspired by real events. Here is a list of scary movies that had been inspired by real events.

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10. Vlad the Impaler

The life of Vlad III, the Prince of Wallachia has been the inspiration behind the brutal and gruesome horror movie, “Dracula”. Vlad III was known for his brutal and violent ways of impaling his enemies. There have been several adaptations of the character in different versions of the movie Dracula.

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  • Really good article, some fascinating information, I would love to be able to research the stories behind these films.

    I haven't seen "The Entity" yet, I think I will watch it this weekend.

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