Top 10 Weirdest Movies

Movies are among wonderful achievements of human civilization. Those sequences of images and their synchronized sounds can give us a good time and a healthy dose of laughter. However, some movies can also freak us out with its weird storyline and scenes. These are some of the most bizarre movies ever released:

10. Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko sleepwalks out of his room one night and finds a huge, evil-looking rabbit called Frank outside his home. The rabbit tells him that the world will end in a little more than one day. The next morning, Darko finds that his bedroom has been demolished by a falling jet engine. Just like any teenager, Darko has a complex social relationship. As the rabbit continues to turn up in his mind, Darko needs to deal with school bullies, a self-help guru and a conservative health teacher, causing him to commits a number of questionable acts. While bizarre, Donnie Darko successfully creates an atmosphere of mounting menace and eerie calm for the audience.

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