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Swindlers are known for their deception skills and confidence tricks. Perpetrators of this offense usually aim to seize victim’s capital assets through subtlety; that is fooling victims into believing that something does exists or will take place. Many swindlers have managed to amass a substantial amount of wealth by tricking a large number of people. These are ten worst swindlers in recent history:

10. Frank Abagnale

Frank Willian Abegnale Jr. is a famous American swindler who gained fame in 1970’s for traveling across twenty-six countries before reaching the age 19 using forged travel checks. In just five years, he assumed 8 different identities and collected a total of $2.5 million through various illegal means. The movie “Catch Me If You Can” was inspired by his exploits. He currently works as anti-fraud consultant in Abegnale and Associates.

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