Top 7 Martial Arts

People have varying opinions on the most dangerous martial arts in the world. Some martial arts originate from the Chinese kung fu. Kung fu is one of the most complicated, yet incredibly effective martial arts in the world. Flashy kicks and choreography are impractical during an actual fight. Let’s talk about martial arts that can help you in defending yourself:

7. Western Boxing

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Some people don’t consider boxing a martial art. I believe it is pretty effective when you need to defend yourself. Boxing is all about monitoring your opponent and using strikes to knock him out. A successful boxer should spend hours training his or her reaction and strength.

A boxer can knock someone out with just one swing. Their strength is in their hands. Their kicks can be lethal. A boxer needs to spend at least 4 years learning how to punch. Even though boxers may not look tough and big, they spend hours training their muscles.

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