Top 10 Erotic Fiction Books

Erotic fiction has become very popular recently thanks to the media furore around Fifty Shades of Grey. Here are some of the top erotic fiction books if you need a more sexy prose in your life. 10. Tempting the Beast by Lora Leigh This book rates very highly on Goodreads and rightly so. It combines the right about of paranormal and science fiction with the erotic. It's the story of Callan Lyons, a genetic e ...

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Top 10 Universities to Study Literature

English Literature has always enthralled one and all. It is a subject for those who are passionate about the written word and have the interest in knowing about the culture, history and philosophy of times and eras that inspired the widely-acclaimed texts. Different universities offer different programs for English Literature. Each of these programs is diverse in providing an insight into the various aspect ...

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