Top 10 Things That Have Changed The Way We Live

Some of these are inventions, some discoveries but they have changed the way we live. It could be anything from a small as you being able to read this article online to huge discoveries that have saved countless lives. These discoveries have also changed the way we communicate and socialise, they've also been responsible for the growth of businesses, cities and countries. 10. Automobile The car has changed ...

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Enjoy Funny Social Video Applications on Twitter

If you want to have the utmost fun on this chattering social networking site, then be sure to use the social video twitter applications. It is an innovative social networking site, where networkers can chat like birds in small tweets of 140 words. If you want to share your uploaded videos on Twitter directly from a video social networking site, then you can do so easily, with the help of some funky applicat ...

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Top 10 Annoying Workplace Habits

A person so often is recognized and known by his habits both good and bad. However, some individuals are obsessed with some habits that come under the category of annoying and irritating, especially if they are carried out in the workplace. Here are the top ten annoying office habits: 10. Drumming While all habits can be tolerated to an extent, the one workplace habit of some individuals that is too annoyin ...

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