Top 10 Most Famous Native Americans

10. Chief Joseph Chief Joseph or Young Joseph was the leader of Nez Perce band. An influx of white gold miners has compelled US government to force Nez Perce to go to a much smaller reservation area than previously agreed. The refusal to sign for a new agreement led to a conflict, as two thousand US troops pursued Nez Perce band to the Canadian border. Devastated by constant battles and freezing temperature ...

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Top 10 Famous Musicians Who Died in a Plane Crash

Like many entertainers and celebrities, musicians are busy individuals. With so many things to do within a week, they regularly use the fastest means of transportation available to perform on many locations. These are ten musicians who became unfortunate victims of plane crashes: 10. Jim Reeves James Travis Reeves was a popular American pop and country songwriter-singer. Reeves and Dean Manuel, his manager ...

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Top 10 Most Cruelest Rulers Of All Time

Many rulers seemed to exhibit indifference to the suffering of others and some may have positive pleasure in inflicting it. Bad rulers regularly practice violence under the disguise of social or legal framework. These are ten cruelest rulers in history, who have significant impacts in history and may directly or indirectly affect the world we live today: 10. Oliver Cromwell Oliver Cromwell was a 17th centur ...

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Top 10 Famous People With The Highest IQ

Highly intelligent people have the mental capability to learn from experience, adapt, comprehend complex ideas, think abstractly, solve problems, and plan accordingly. They have deeper and broader capability to comprehend their surroundings to figure out, make sense of things and catch on. These are ten famous genius people in history with exceptional intelligence: 10. Madame De Stael (IQ: 180) Anna Louise ...

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Top 10 Most Famous Spies of All Time

10. Sidney Reilly Sidney Reilly or Georgi Rosenblum was a Russian-Jewish spy and adventure. He worked as double agent for four countries and widely considered as the Ace of Spies. Reilly was involved in investigation and intelligence operations of British's Secret Service Bureau, the Scotland Yard and later, the Secret Intelligence Service. He was active during the Second Boer War, Russo-Japanese War and th ...

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Top 10 Worst Decision Makers in Tech Industry

Taking proper decisions is certainly no simple task. Sometimes no matter what, how hard we try to make the correct choice, in the end it can turn-out as the worst. Hats off to those who managed to stay away from this list. 10. Adam Osborne: Bad Timing for the Announcement of Executive and Vixen Dr. Adam Osborne was an important computer pioneer who developed the portable CP/M-based, Osborne 1. His untimely ...

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