UNESCO Series: 40 World Heritage Sites of Italy

8. Historic Centre of Florence

Although built near ancient Etruscan, Florance easily depicts Renaissance period. Under the rule of King Medici, in 15th century the city flourished to its full strength as an economic and cultural place. It was declared as one of the historic places by UNESCO in 1982 and attracts tourists from round the globe for its great collection of art.

7. Historic Centre of Rome

753 BC saw the foundation of Rome, by legends Remus and Romulus. First it was a central place in the Roman Republic and then became a major city in the Roman Empire. This historic city consists of main monuments of Italy such as the Mausoleum of Augustus, Forums, Trajan’s Column, the Mausoleum of Hadrian, the Column of Marcus Aurelius, and the Pantheon, and also religious buildings of papal Rome.

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