4 “Must Have” Travel Items For Your First International Trip

A Great Bag


You may be schlepping your luggage half way across the world, so make sure it’s lightweight and durable. Traveling light will make your trip go more smoothly, so consider taking only what your airline will allow you to carry on the plane. A four-wheeled bag that rolls in every direction is the easiest type to maneuver and is more ergonomic than two-wheeled bags you have to pull behind you. Remember that with international travel you won’t just be carrying a bag through one airport—you may have several connections, plus transfers to shuttles, trains, buses and taxis before you reach your final destination.

An E-reader or Tablet

An E-reader or Tablet

Unless you’re traveling to a remote part of the world that doesn’t have wireless service, a compact e-reader or tablet can be your best friend. With one of these devices you have thousands of books, magazines and games at your fingertips, all of which you’ll be grateful for during layovers, delays, long train rides or when the weather ruins your plans for the day. With the Internet in your pocketbook you can stay abreast of current events that might affect your travel and keep an eye on things back home.

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