Top 10 Facts About Organic Foods

9. Check the USDA Seal

Check the USDA Seal

There may be many varieties of the so called organic food making it difficult to choose the right one. However, to be sure that you are actually having organic food, check for the USDA seal which assures you of the same. The USDA has set stringent standards for planting, growing and harvesting organic foods. This ensures that the foods so produced are safe. However, other so-called organic foods not having the seal might not be following these standards, thereby compromising with your health.

8. Organic Foods Contain more Nutrients

Organic Foods Contain more Nutrients

It is a fact that organic foods contain more nutrients as compared to the non-organic foods that are intensively produced. Several nutrients like selenium, calcium, chromium, lithium, boron and magnesium are found in higher quantities in organic foods. These nutrients help in keeping various ailments at bay while their deficiency in normally produced foods can cause different problems.