Top 10 Fastest Land Animals in the World

9. Grey Fox

When you look at a grey fox, you will not believe that an animal this size can really run fast enough to be included in the list of top ten fastest land animals. Grey fox is a carnivorous animal that is included in the dog family. It was noted that these animals can attain a top speed of 44 mph.

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  1. A correction on the cheetah. They do not have sharp claws. Their claws are always partially out so are blunt from touching the ground. They are semi-retractable and used for grip when running, not for climbing trees or bringing prey down. They also do not have strong jaws. Their heads are smaller than other big cats and because they have large nasal passages to bring in more oxygen when running, they have a smaller jaw and shorter canines. Because of this, they usually kill their prey by grasping the throat and suffocating rather than biting through the neck like most big cats. They are built for speed so lack the strength and power of other big cats.

    The Cape Hunting Dog is an old name and Wild Dog is more commonly used today.

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