Top 10 Most Romantic Places On Earth

1. Jukkasjärvi, Sweden


Jukkasjärvi made our list for the Aurora Ice Hotel. A feat of modern ingenuity, the hotel is made entirely of ice and is remade every year. There are themed rooms, an Ice Bar, and best of all, you take a dog sled to reach it. One of the most romantic places at the top of the world, you can watch the Northern Lights out of your cozy bedroom window.


Love is such a wonderful emotion, taking it even farther is something many couples attempt to do. While even the small gestures add up, taking a grand tour of the world like this really does lead to a happy life. A couple that travels together, stays together. Not to mention, if you are cramped on a plane for over five hours, you will start to see who are dating, and how they react. It is rather funny how upset your partner could get at airplane peanuts. He cried a few tears when the flight attendant said they ran out of peanuts and suggested candy corn. It happened to me, I married the man a few years after.

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