Top 10 Resorts of the World

Vacations are a great time to relax and rejuvenate. However, one can relax only if the hotel or resort in which one puts up provides unprecedented service. Whether your idea of luxury is a secluded sanctuary in Seychelles or amidst the ruins of Turkey or some other place, there are world class resorts that are sure to make your holidays a lifelong experience. Here is the list of the ten best resorts of the world.

10. North Island, Seychelles

The island has been brought with the purpose of restoring the natural beauty of the island. For this reason, the resort built on the island has handcrafted villas each offering a home-like ambiance. Crystal clear water surrounds the villas bringing in peace and serenity. Vacationers here can take a short term course in snorkeling, diving and take part in other activities like kayaking and fishing.

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  1. Wow..!! Amazing collection of resorts you have shared here. Its awesome. I loved it. Actually I was planning to spend my vacations in one of the best resorts and here I got the perfect list of them. Thanks a lot for this great post. Keep it up..!!

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