Top 10 Universities to Study Literature

English Literature has always enthralled one and all. It is a subject for those who are passionate about the written word and have the interest in knowing about the culture, history and philosophy of times and eras that inspired the widely-acclaimed texts. Different universities offer different programs for English Literature. Each of these programs is diverse in providing an insight into the various aspects of the subject. Here is the list of the top ten universities considered the best to study English Literature. Each of these universities is known for its celebrated faculty and the range of programs that they offer. The list is in no particular order and includes the names randomly.

10. Columbia University

Located in the New York City, the Columbia University is one of the most renowned centers of distinguished and distinctive learning, in the world. There are various courses pertaining to Arts and Literature offered under different undergraduate and graduate programs. Students from all over the world come here to be a part of this glorious institute of learning.