Top 5 Tips for Successful Weight Loss

If you are struggling to lose that extra weight, you are not alone. On the surface, it should seem simple—eat less and exercise more. But, our bodies are complex and our ability to lose weight can be affected by myriad processes going on in the body. Laziness and bad habits that we just cannot seem to break can also thwart our efforts. But, anything is possible with some concerted effort and here are some top tips to aid in your weight loss journey.

Get Clear on Your ‘’Why’’

Getting your weight right requires getting your mind right since so much of your success depends on making the decisions that support your efforts rather than crush them. The core of making good decisions to support your weight loss is getting ultra-clear on why you want to lose this weight. The clearer you are, the more motivated you will be to succeed. Get at the reasons behind the reasons. If you want to be healthier, why? If you want to get off your medications, why? If you want to be healthier for your kids, why? If you want to set a good example for them, why?